Butterfly Exercise

Butterfly exercise: Why do we need to include it in our daily life and its benefits?

Butterfly exercise posture, an element of yoga, helps relax muscles after a strenuous exercise and improves fitness. Indian yoga is a centuries-old method of integrating the body, mind, and spirit toward a state of health. The butterfly stretch yoga has helped its practitioners enhance their flexibility, strength, mental wellness, and flexibility. How to do butterfly …


Benefits of keeping wisdom teeth: Are there any?

Wisdom teeth are difficult to accommodate, and most people lack the dental space to adjust them. They grow acceptable for a small group of people, erupting completely and neatly with tissue that lines up with the rest. You may consider yourself fortunate because no one wants to go through the detailed wisdom teeth removal process. …

Invisalign vs braces

Invisalign vs Braces: Which Is The Better Option For You?

Introduction to Invisalign vs Braces It’s challenging to consider the upsides and downsides of Invisalign vs Braces. You want to straighten your teeth but can’t decide which direction. You should do your homework, ask questions, and make an informed selection with the guidance of your Orthodontist. Your orthodontic condition also defines the type of orthodontic …

fungal sinus infection

Fungal Sinus Infection: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Overview

Fungal Sinus Infection also known as Fungal sinusitis, is a type of sinus infection caused by an overgrowth of fungus in the sinuses. Fungal sinus infections come in a variety of forms. Some types can lead to serious health issues and even death. People who have a situation that weakens one‘s immune system are at …

how tendinosis differs from tendinitis

Tendinosis vs Tendinitis: These are the Differences

Tendinosis is a more severe type of tendinitis that does not get better with rest. Many people outside of the medical field do not know the difference between Tendinitis and Tendinosis. After all, they sound similar, and are located in the same part of the body, right?  Vocabulary or Suffixes “-itis” – – this means …


Mouth Swab Drug Test: How Far Back Can the Results Show Traces of Drugs in Your System?

The fundamental purpose of a mouth swab drug test is to determine whether you have been using substances such as amphetamines, or opioids, to name a few of the drugs the procedure is designed to detect. The obvious thing to say would be that if your employment or ability to drive a vehicle could be …