Living a Stress-Free and Healthy Life: 5 Mental Healths Apps You Have to Check Out

Every year, nearly one in five individuals report dealing with a mental illness. That number, when broken down, accounts for 43.8 million Americans. Unfortunately, that doesn’t factor in those suffering and silence. The Future of These Numbers With the many pressures and devastating events that occur on a regular basis,…

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Mental Health

The Dangers of Hyperfixation: What You Need To Know About Being Too Obsessed

We have all had times when we binge-watched a Netflix show for hours. Or we couldn’t control our excitement with a thriller novel and spent an entire night reading it to finish it. But did you know a medical term for being too obsessed with anything for too long? It’s…

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Butterfly Exercise

Butterfly exercise: Why do we need to include it in our daily life and its benefits?

Butterfly exercise posture, an element of yoga, helps relax muscles after a strenuous exercise and improves fitness. Indian yoga is a centuries-old method of integrating the body, mind, and spirit toward a state of health. The butterfly stretch yoga has helped its practitioners enhance their flexibility, strength, mental wellness, and…

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Pancreatic Cancer Ribbon: All You Need To Know

Pancreatic Cancer Ribbon: All You Need To Know

Purple is the color of a pancreatic cancer ribbon and November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.  There are many worthy causes in the world, each with its own color and ribbon to help bring awareness to the fight. What is Pancreatic Cancer? Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest…

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clogged pores

Clogged Pores: Causes & Treatments

what are clogged pores Clogged pores means dead skin cells being trapped under your skin without getting out. Pores are tiny holes on your skin which will let the sweat or bacteria go out. If those pores are clogged  then it will result in blackheads / whiteheads / Acne formation. …

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splinter removal

Splinter removal: Types of remedies

Splinter removal might not be a broken bone, but splinters can still be painful! These little slivers of wood, metal, or other materials get up under your skin and make themselves a nuisance. In order to be considered a splinter, the object has to be a smaller piece of a…

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3 Key Health Benefits of Squats and Why You Should Incorporate Them Into Your Training Regimen

It’s important to stay active no matter your age. The human body is meant to move, that’s why we have all of these joints, tendons, muscles and bones. There are tons of benefits to exercising, including increased range of motion, increased energy, lower stress, better sleep and a whole lot…

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The Science Behind Hydration: Nasal Congestion Relief and 9 Other Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Health tips don’t have to be complicated tidbits with multiple steps. The benefits of drinking hot water are known, and well documented. As a beverage, hot water between 54 and 71 Celsius will provide the most optimal results. Add in a little flavoring, and the health benefits of water become…

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The Comfort Foods You Know and Love: Here Are 15 Healthy Meals That Serve as a Better Alternative

As the weather becomes cooler and the sun goes down earlier, families turn to comfort food to help make staying in a bit easier. Stress can also lead to craving foods that bring comfort, yet are not good for your health.  For more in-depth detail on the list below, visit…

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7 Reasons Why Drinking Hot Tea Could Improve Your Wellbeing Tenfold

There are many older individuals that believe a good cup of tea can cure almost anything that ails you. And they may be on to something. A good quality cup of hot tea can help improve your wellbeing instantly and with long-lasting effects.  For more information, look at  Below…

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4 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy During Lockdown

During these strange times when everything seems to be upside down and downright scary, you can find some comfort in knowing that now is the time to tackle some of the tasks that you’ve been putting off. Whether it’s finishing something you started ages ago, reading a book, home improvements,…

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3 Things You Can Do to Better Face a Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer is a scary word that can affect anyone. Statistics show that millions of people are diagnosed with cancer each year.  With these numbers, almost 40% of the population will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. Those statistics are scary, but a cancer diagnosis doesn’t always mean a terminal…

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More Than Just a Cosmetic Issue: Almost Half of American Citizens Are Now Obese

The obesity epidemic is getting higher and higher every year. With the economy the way it is, it’s getting harder and harder for people to eat healthy or even find time to exercise every day. Statistics now show that by the year 2030, at least half of Americans are going…

by admin updated on May 2020

New Technology and Its Implications: How Much of an Effect Do Wearables Have on Our Health?

There’s no denying the boom that has taken place in the wellness world when it comes to wearable devices. From Fitbits to heart-rate watches, it seems as though these devices came from nowhere and are now everyone; not just among fitness buffs, but everyone from moms to teenagers taking control…

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A Simple Solution to Many Health Problems: 4 Reasons to Be Growing Your Vegetables

We live in an age where food has never been more plentiful. Pop down to your local supermarket, and you’ll be shown so many wonderful products from all over the world for such affordable prices. There’s no denying we live in a great time. However, this increase in retail convenience…

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What We’re Doing to Our Bodies: 7 Tips and Tricks on How to Combat a Sedentary Lifestyle

There is no time like the present to get up and start moving to improve your health. You don’t need to wait until a Monday or the beginning of the month. Combatting a sedentary lifestyle starts easy enough, but sticking to a routine is the key.  Here are 5 tips…

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The Enemy Within: Why Do We Sabotage and Distance Ourselves from Our Goals Even More?

We all want to do well in life, right? To succeed and get all the praise, success and money we’ve ever dreamed of. Yet there’s one person who will try to get in your way more than anybody else – yourself. NOBODY is as good as you at finding ways to…

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