7 Reasons Why Drinking Hot Tea Could Improve Your Wellbeing Tenfold

by admin updated on Jul 2020

There are many older individuals that believe a good cup of tea can cure almost anything that ails you. And they may be on to something. A good quality cup of hot tea can help improve your wellbeing instantly and with long-lasting effects. 

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Below are 7 reasons why drinking hot tea could improve your wellbeing tenfold:

1. The Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Whether you add a spoonful of tea or a few squirts of lemon, adding a cup, or two, of hot water to your daily routine can help you in a number of ways. If you drink hot water with a dash of lemon juice the first thing in the morning, it will help you with digestion. You will discover that you have less gas, indigestion, and uncomfortable stomach cramps throughout your day. 

2. Good For Your Teeth and Gums

Many tea drinkers find that the enzyme-rich compounds found in teas are helpful in preventing bacteria and plaque from building up on the teeth and gums. A healthier mouth is better for overall physical wellbeing and avoids painful and expensive trips to the dentist. 

3. Reduces Blood Pressure

As a person ages, their blood pressure can increase, even if they have a relatively healthy and stress-free lifestyle. The plant-based flavonoids or antioxidants have been shown to reduce high blood pressure in many older individuals. If you are taking a blood pressure medication, you will need to consult your doctor before stopping this or any other medication. Tea alone will not prevent high blood pressure, but it will help to lower it in most individuals. 

4. Boost Memory

Many different types of teas have been shown to boost memory and help boost cognitive functioning. Green tea, when it is minimally processed, especially from the Camellia Sinensis bushes, has the best chance to enhance memory. Combine a good cup of tea with a memory building puzzle game and you will keep your mind in tip-top shape. 

5. Boost Your Immune System

When you add hot tea to your daily routine, you will be protecting your body from many illnesses and germs that wander the Earth. Hot tea is going to boost your immune system and a healthy immune system is the best defense against the common cold and flu. Combine daily hot tea drinks with eating clean and healthy will keep your immune system in the best shape and illnesses to a minimum. 

6. Stroke Reduction

A chemical compound called Catechins, found in black and green teas, have shown to reduce a person’s risk for stroke by approximately 22 percent. This chemical helps to strengthen the vascular system throughout the body. Again, if you are taking medications, do not stop and consult your doctor if you have any questions about adding tea to your daily menu. 

7. Improving Eyesight

Tomatoes and carrots are not the only food that will help to improve your eyesight. Adding white or green teas to your daily drinking habits helps to prevent eye-related complications. Glaucoma and cataracts are two of the major eye problems that these teas can help keep at bay. 

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