Don’t Put Your Health at Risk: 5 Harmful Supplements You’re Best Off Avoiding

by admin updated on Dec 2018

Health and well-being are all the rage right now, and it’s never been easier to look after yourself in the most optimal way possible. With so much research has gone into the human body and how we function as human beings, we collectively know exactly what we need as people to thrive.

With such a range of pills, vitamins, and supplements out there to help us achieve this healthy state of being, it’s only natural there are going to be some substances out there that many of us are best off avoiding.

Today, we’re going to explore the top five supplements you should probably avoid, ensuring you’re actually looking after yourself, rather than taking things too far or follow proven myths.

#1 – Vitamin E

Our first super-popular supplement of the day, Vitamin E is renowned for its anti-cancer properties, but this was more recently proven to, in fact, be the opposite. Out of a survey of over 35,500 men back in 2011, it was found that taking Vitamin E increases your chances of developing cancer.

Death from cancer also increased in men who were taking Vitamin E, so it’s perhaps best to leave this one out and only consume your recommended daily dosage through the food you eat.

#2 – Multivitamin Formulas

Multivitamin formulas have been popular for decades as being a one-shot solution for all your dietary requirements. After all, nearly 40% of Americans consume them on a regular basis. However, the research says this could be dangerous.

A study of over 38,700 women monitored over the last 25 years found that your overall risk of dying earlier in your life increased when taking multivitamin solutions. Research has found that taking vitamins in this way doesn’t help to prevent joint problems or health conditions, and this is simply effective marketing.

#3 – Vitamin C

While Vitamin C seems to be some kind of super vitamin that does everything the body needs, taking is as a supplement is overrated and unnecessary. The supplement grew in popularity back in 1970 when large doses were recommended to help prevent flu and the common cold.

However, more recently in 2005, 50 years of research found this to be wrong, and while large doses of Vitamin C are considered generally safe, super-large doses (2000mg or more) have been shown to dramatically increase your chances of kidney stones, which can be extremely painful.

#4 – St John’s Wort

Another popular supplement taken by hundreds of thousands of people around the world on a regular basis; there’s no denying that consuming St John’s Wort can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression and help sleep disorders.

Nevertheless, while small doses have a small effect, one study back in 2011 found that most doses did the same, if not less, help that placebo drugs and that thinking they’re taking them had the same effect.

#5 – Vitamin D

While vitamin D is a vital vitamin that your body needs to survive optimally, there are dangers involved which many people might not know about. Most notably is the fact that taking too much vitamin D can dramatically increase your risk of developing kidney stones.

This is because vitamin D is required for absorbing calcium through your kidneys but do this too much, and the stones will develop. An agonizing process if you’ve ever lived through it already.


As you can see, while taking supplements and consuming vitamins and minerals is essential for a healthy lifestyle, it’s all about moderation and making sure you’re actually consuming the substances you need, rather than overdoing it and causing more harm to yourself.