Whiter and Brighter: Turn Up the Volume on Your Smile and Make an Impact

by admin updated on Sep 2018

Whiter and brighter teeth are a current trend these days as you want you and your family’s face to look the best when you all smile. Whatever budget you have there are various options available that your dentist can provide apart from your own careful and fastidious brushing and flossing routine.

Brush and floss twice a day

You should brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste and floss in the areas where your toothpaste can’t reach. Some of the large toothpaste manufacturers have released a range of toothpaste that contains a mild whitening ingredient so this is a great addition to the toothpaste range. Try to brush following every meal as this gives the best results. Carrying a portable toothbrush for use at school or work helps to prevent the accumulation of damaging plaque on your teeth.

Maintaining a healthy diet

Making healthy food choices adds strength to your teeth as well as keeping your skin in good health. People need to eat to survive. Fat-free and low-fat dairy foods do contain calcium that will help to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Vegetables like cabbage and broccoli have useful antioxidants that prevent the onset of gum disease brought on by bacteria. Carrots, pears, and apples particularly when eaten in their natural state stimulate saliva production which helps to wash out bacteria. Your diet often prevents the need to call for the service after hours of Emergency Dentists to help solve a painful dental problem.

Tooth whitening choices at your dentist

In just one visit, your dentist can whiten your teeth creating a noticeably brighter smile. This is done by carefully spreading a powerful whitening gel on your teeth while protecting the rest of your mouth. It’s far more effective and safer than products purchased in a pharmacy without a prescription.

There is nothing that beats taking good care of your teeth but sometimes things just happen that may damage your teeth like a sports injury, a car accident or just simply some decay that went unnoticed. If a crack, a chip or a darkened area of a tooth is particularly noticeable, your dentist can either cover it with the bonding material that matches the color of adjacent teeth or can place a wafer-thin veneer on a discolored or damaged tooth so any dullness is obscured.

Whiter teeth improve social esteem

Having whiter teeth can make you as a person feel better about your appearance when in the company of family or friends. If you need to attend a job interview, a social event or a school/college or family reunion you will be smiling all the time. These are the situations when you will be glad you have taken good care of your teeth by visiting your dentist to get treatment for a whiter smile and by maintaining good oral hygiene habits throughout your life.