Natural Healing and Treatment:  Why Holistic Dentists Are Gaining Popularity

by admin updated on Oct 2018

If you’re one of those who is absolutely terrified of dentist visits, there are options. They call it a dental phobia, odontophobia, dentophobia, but it’s just plain terror for many. You can’t blame it all on the dentist, but don’t tell these people.

Panicky patients worry when they feel they have no control over anything. Others resist the dental practitioners’ being in their personal space. And, still others are ashamed to have their teeth looked at, the same teeth they may not have cared for.

Such fear may be the real reason holistic dentists are gaining popularity.

Holistic Dentists

The Los Angeles Times says, “Holistic dentists fill cavities, clean teeth and make bridges and implants. But they also are rooted in the concept that when treating teeth, you must consider the entire body — diet, lifestyle, mental and emotional health. Most also seek to use technology that minimizes exposure to harmful chemicals — for the patient, staff, and doctor, as well as the environment.”

There are some differences from a traditional dentist if you wonder, “Where can I find a holistic dentist near me?”

  1. Holistic dentistry does not do fluoride treatments. Dentists point out that fluoride is FDA “not approved.” They point to studies indicating fluoride risks to the brain, thyroid gland, bone development, bone cancer, and kidneys.
  1. Natural dentists won’t install amalgam fillings because of their mercury content. And, when they remove them, they wear hazmat gear.
  1. You won’t find them using sealants, either. The resins used as sealants are derived from Bisphenol A or BPA-based epoxies. Research shows leaching from the sealants produces an estrogen-like effect in patients.
  1. Holistic dentists avoid x-rays entirely until children pass 13 believing that radiation exposure accumulates during a lifetime, so any x-ray may be one too many.
  1. Natural dentistry realizes the impact of pain, but they resist prescribing painkillers. Instead, they offer handheld infrared heat-emitting devices to apply to the painful area. Using the devices several times a day for 20-30 minutes speeds healing and reduces pain.

Holistic dentistry introduces homeopathic supplements, nutrition, and preventive measures to help patients reduce their need for dental care.

Why holistic dentists are gaining popularity points out, “holistic treatment methods may seem strange to traditional dentists, but they have proven to be effective for some patients.”  They continue, “medicine is always changing and developing based on new technology and knowledge. As dental education changes with it, treatments could shift radically towards a more holistic philosophy in the years to come.”

It’s fundamentally a philosophical approach. Traditional dentistry treats the symptoms in teeth and gums while attempting to prevent problems from reoccurring. But, holistic dentistry focuses on treating the underlying problems that cause symptoms in the mouth. It aims to eliminate those problems while also ensuring the work done in the mouth does not have a negative effect on your overall health. Why is it gaining in popularity? Increasingly people are looking for natural healing and treatment of all health issues.