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Mental Health
by admin updated on Jul 2022

We have all had times when we binge-watched a Netflix show for hours. Or we couldn’t control our excitement with a thriller novel and spent an entire night reading it to finish it. But did you know a medical term for being too obsessed with anything for too long? It’s…

ruptured spleen
by admin updated on Jul 2022

The spleen is a part of the immune system of the human body. The organ, just the size of a fist, plays a vital role in keeping bacteria and infections at bay. It is present in the upper left abdominal area under the 9th to 11th ribs of the ribcage.…

Butterfly Exercise
by admin updated on Jul 2022

Butterfly exercise posture, an element of yoga, helps relax muscles after a strenuous exercise and improves fitness. Indian yoga is a centuries-old method of integrating the body, mind, and spirit toward a state of health. The butterfly stretch yoga has helped its practitioners enhance their flexibility, strength, mental wellness, and…