Prolonging Your Youth: Did You Know There Is a Compound Found in Apples That Can Slow down Aging?

by admin updated on Dec 2018

The old saying: “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” has been the mantra for healthy eating since the 1900s. Countless scientists have dedicated their entire lives to proving the validity of this statement through case studies and extensive research. Throughout their journey to the wonderful world of apples, they recently made quite the discovery that’s shaking the medical world up.

Not only do apples increase the body’s ability to fight off sickness, they also dramatically slow down the aging process. That’s right- an apple a day may keep the dermatologist away too!

The Wonderful World of Cells

Cellular senescence occurs when a cell isn’t able to split and the body tries to eliminate it. This process occurs frequently in younger children; clearing out older cells and making room for new ones. However, like most systems of the body, this process slows down with age. The body holds onto inactive cells, which causes a decrease in the production of collagen and others age-defying necessities.

Because of this, we witness the visible signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and the ever attractive age spots. Skincare and beauty companies have made billions of dollars in anti-aging products over the years. While some offer valuable solutions, Mother Nature seems to have the best remedy for fighting off age.  

The Secret Ingredient Found In Apples

New research has found that apples contain a special compilation of compounds that actually resist the process of senescence. Scientists from the University of Minnesota have strong reason to believe the validity of this hypothesis after studying the effects of apple consumption on rats.

Out of the many compounds found to reduce aging, fisetin specifically increased the longevity of rats and gave them more vitality. One of the leading professors quoted, “we can extend the period of health, termed healthspan, even towards the end of life.”

What This Means For Us

This discovery opens the door to a wide variety of options. If this compound effectively works on humans, beauty and pharmaceutical companies could use it to develop a solution to aging in the form of a product. That means apple flavored serums and medication! Talk about an upgrade from the nasty taste of cough syrup.

Despite the research found, there aren’t any set-in-stone discoveries that support this finding on humans. However, it doesn’t hurt to incorporate apples into your daily diet. If plain apples aren’t your forte, why not add a few slices to your morning smoothie? Or, try a zesty green apple with some nutty peanut butter. It doesn’t hurt to perform a little “test research” on yourself.

In the near future, scientists hope to find the answers to increasing vitality and eliminating the visible signs of aging, especially if it helps to reverse symptoms of sickness. Until that time, it’s always wise to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle no matter what age you are. Incorporating healthy foods like apples is a great way to kickstart your health routine. You never know — you may tap into the fountain of youth.