Living a Stress-Free and Healthy Life: 5 Mental Healths Apps You Have to Check Out

by admin updated on Nov 2018

Every year, nearly one in five individuals report dealing with a mental illness. That number, when broken down, accounts for 43.8 million Americans. Unfortunately, that doesn’t factor in those suffering and silence.

The Future of These Numbers

With the many pressures and devastating events that occur on a regular basis, it’s likely those numbers will rise in the coming years. Many people are seeking solace in the midst of the chaos that aligns with their schedule, worldview, and budget.

Hiring a mental health care professional is stressful in its own right. You have to find a practitioner who you gel with and then come up with ways to finance it. Therapy sessions, even with insurance coverage, can cost up to $175. Because of this, many people stray away from committing to therapy.

Coping With Everyday Life Is a Challenge

So, how do people cope with day to day difficulties without breaking the bank?  In this technologically advanced society, it’s easy for individuals seeking aid to receive some form of comfort. This reassurance and self-development come in the form of phone applications.

The rise of “self-help” books have transcended into the digital age. You can now download applications that help your routine easier to manage. If you’re one of the individuals struggling with mental health challenges, consider these five apps that may provide some mental clarity.

  1. Shine

This self-help app is ideal for individuals on the go. With short, self-guided meditations, stories, and motivational pep-talks, you can learn how to cope with tough situations in under five minutes. What’s awesome about this app is that you’re able to schedule daily check-ins. This provides you with an opportunity to express what you’re grateful for and outline your self-care activities. The design and interface are also quite beautiful.

  1. Headspace

This popular meditation app has helped millions of people connect with their thoughts and calm their bodies. There are meditations for virtually every aspect of life. Some popular packs are coping with cravings, preparing for a marathon, or falling asleep.

  1. Calm

This app is similar to Headspace. However, you can listen to relaxing sounds that are sure to evoke a calm state. You can breathe with guided meditations that promote peace, happiness and overall well being. The app also has an instantly calming design.

  1. Fabulous

This app is more along the lines of self-development. However, it’s great for people who struggle with accomplishing their daily tasks as a result of mental health challenges. The app gives you a certain set of challenges that you must accomplish in order to move onto the next. These challenges are small habits such as drinking water, exercising or meditating. They encourage you to start small and then build on your habits gradually. The interface is excellent as it’s full of interesting resources that promote wellness.

  1. Happify

The name of this app alone creates a smile. This app helps you manage your emotions and apply mindfulness techniques to tough situations. It’s an ideal app for practicing gratitude and implementing joy into your daily life.

Although it is always recommended to seek professional help for mental health-related challenges, utilize your immediate resources as a starting point to your journey. You’ll be able to tell a difference in your daily life.