About Us

Samantha Martin has lived a very interesting life so far. From a young age being in school, she loved her sports classes and playing outside with her friends, and there’s nothing she would love more than being free in the Great Outdoors while embracing everything that life put in front of her. To Samantha, the world was a magical and beautiful place just waiting to be explored and experienced.

Fast forward several years and Samantha dipped into depression. After failing her Fine Art university course and a messy breakup in the same month, Samantha found herself staying in her one-bedroom apartment, no job, pushing her friends away, and becoming increasingly unhealthy. Most days would end with a takeaway delivered to her house and some form of alcohol until she fell asleep.

A few years past and it was clear Samantha’s self-destructive path was nearing its end. However, waking up one morning, she decided enough was enough and it was time to change. She took back control of her life and was determined to see life for the beautiful journey she knew it to be as a child. Struggling to pull herself back from the rim, whether that was reconnecting with friends, finding work, or just looking after herself, Samantha decided to start with the basics.

Her health.

Brace Your Health was founded after Samantha’s journey. While the internet is overflowing with information on how to get healthy, how to explore new lifestyle ideas, and how to get yourself in shape, there was a website or online community she felt she could call home, so she made her own. Nowadays, Brace Your Health is a very popular online health and lifestyle community hub, and it’s time for you to experience it for yourself.