The Science Behind Hydration: Nasal Congestion Relief and 9 Other Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

by admin updated on Feb 2021

Health tips don’t have to be complicated tidbits with multiple steps. The benefits of drinking hot water are known, and well documented. As a beverage, hot water between 54 and 71 Celsius will provide the most optimal results. Add in a little flavoring, and the health benefits of water become unmatched. 

1. Nervous System Function

Your nervous system function directly affects your mood and mental stability. Think of any hot caffeinated beverage and how it provides long lasting energy. Tea, coffee and even cider are all based on hot water. Just one of these hot drinks per day will improve your nervous system for several hours. 

2. Cold Response

When your body reacts to the cold, hot water is a great way to warm it back up. This helps to maintain your body temperature with minimal work required. If you exercise or work in cold conditions, the time saved by doing this is valuable. 

3. Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion affects breathing and nightly sleep patterns. The steam from hot water helps with sinuses, and drinking it soothes a sore throat. In an emergency, it can be inhaled to lower the effects from an asthma attack. 

4. Circulation

Your blood flow is improved when your body has a healthy amount of water in it. Soaking in a warm bath winds your system down so that blood travels effectively through your body. You gain a mental boost for the rest of the day when hot baths are a daily routine. 

5. Digestion

Digestive functions need a hydrated body for normal operations. Eliminating waste requires water to move throughout your system. When the waste is removed, your body needs more water to replace the amount that was flushed out. It is a healthy cycle that keeps your digestive tract clean and activated. 

6. Constipation

One of the biggest causes of constipation is dehydration. There are plenty of other nasty side effects, but constipation is one of the easiest ones to relieve. Drink some hot water to soothe both your stomach and your bowels. Chamomile, ginger or green tea has a similar effect if you go easy on the sugar. 

7. Stress

There are countless things that can trigger anxiety and stress. A non-caffeinated hot water beverage is essential in bringing about a sense of calm. Once you find your favorite hot water beverage, it becomes a relaxation reminder when consumed. 

8. Detoxification

Sometimes the body gets backed up and can’t detoxify itself. In a side effect similar to constipation, the kidneys become less effective without the aid of water. With a nice hot water beverage, your kidneys get the help they need to dilute waste – this works with water of any temperature. 

9. Hydration

Cool water is recommended to stay hydrated. But water of any temperature will provide the same benefits. Whether cold, lukewarm or hot, 2 to 3 liters of water a day will fight off hydration. You can get dehydrated in cold weather, so don’t knock the usefulness of hot water. 

Wrap Up

Keep it simple with a twist of a lemon, or switch your coffee out for tea. No matter how you enjoy hot water, it will have the same effect. Drink it daily to feel the positive changes in your mental and physical health.