Keto-Friendly Meals: A Sous Vide Egg Bites Recipe That Will Leave Your Mouth Watering

by admin updated on Jan 2021

Trying to find keto-friendly meals that taste good and fulfill all your dietary requirements? Yeah, we understand that it’s not easy. Sure, it’s easier than ever before with so many more keto-friendly options becoming available all the time, but we’re not quite there yet, especially when you’re actually looking for something tasteful that’s satisfying from start to finish.

This, of course, leaves you trying to make a lot of your meals, but we’ve come across some beautiful recipes during our research, and there’s one, in particular, we want to share with you today. This is the Cheesy Sous Vide Egg Bites.

Mouthwatering already? Mine is.

If you’ve ever tried these gorgeous little bites at Starbucks, I speak from experience when I say these are even so much better than that. Best of all? The recipe is super simple, requires just three ingredients, and you can be eating them in as little as a single hour.

Okay, enough messing around and talk, let’s jump straight into the recipe.

The Ingredients and Recipe

First, gather your ingredients.

All you’re going to need is a few large eggs, milk, and some shredded cheese. For flavoring, you’re probably going to want some salt and pepper as well, or other kinds of flavoring that you personally enjoy, and if you’re a fan of hot sauce, then definitely get your hot sauce bottle on standby.

For the actual cooking part of the process, you’re going to need a stockpot of some kind and some mason jars for shaping. If you want, you can just use egg whites rather than the whole egg.

What is Sous Vide?

Just so we’re on the same page, Sous Vide is the art of cooking with a water bath. Imagine a big pot full of water. We’re going to fill the mason jars with ingredients and cook them in the water, hence the stockpot, which will even cook the ingredients all the way around, outside to the center. The cooking is completely even.

If you tried doing the same thing, in say, a muffin tray, then the outside tends to cook much faster than the inside, and you don’t get that beautiful even cooking that sous vide bites should be.

Get Cooking

So, with that, attach your sous vide to your stockpot and place a comfortable amount of mason jars into the water bath. See how many fit, remember that number, and then take the jars out and fill the stockpot half full with water. This should completely surround the mason jars when you put them back in. 

Now set the temperature of the stockpot to 172F and let it warm up.

To fill the mason jars, make sure you’re oiling the jars first very well (this is the most important step). In a separate bowl, whisk your eggs and milk together, place a tablespoon of cheese at the bottom of the jar and fill the jar around ¾ full with the eggy-milk mix.

Now add the jars into the stockpot, making sure the jar lids are on and let them cook for around an hour. Then they’re ready to eat!


As you can see, cooking these keto-friendly bites is a really easy thing to do. The more you practice, the better you’ll get as well, so make sure you’re stocking up on ingredients and enjoying this beautiful treat whenever you can!