Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind: 5 Essentials of a Gluten Free Diet

by admin updated on Oct 2018

These days, more and more people are giving the gluten-free lifestyle a try. It’s more than just a fad. Eliminating gluten from your diet has several significant benefits, and it’s not as challenging to give it up as some might believe. If you are going gluten-free, you’ll need to stock your pantry with some essentials that are tasty, inexpensive, and versatile. Here are some picks that we enjoy most.

Corn Flour

Sometimes sold as masa flour, corn flour is not only free of gluten, but it can be used in many creative ways. It’s a staple in all kinds of Mexican food. For instance, you can make fresh tortillas with it in minutes by adding water. Instead of tacos, you can serve up brown rice flour tortillas. They taste similar, and you can use many of the same garnishes that you would with gluten-based options.

Almond Meal

You probably already know that seeds and nuts can be part of a healthy diet, and almond flour can be used instead of breadcrumbs to make meatballs, meatloaf, or as a breading for chicken or fish. Almond flour is similar, the only difference being that the former is ground almonds with the skins on, and the latter is ground almonds with no skin. You can use either of these as an ingredient in scalloped potatoes, various cutlets, and a whole lot more. They provide a slightly nutty taste that you’ll soon get used to and that most people enjoy.

Rice, Polenta, and Grits

We included these three in one category because they are similar, and they can all be used as side dishes prepared and spiced in different ways. Any of the kinds of rice that are out there, including wild, white, brown, red, and arborio, are gluten-free, and they can be used in many different ethnic dishes. Polenta can be used as the base for any main dish, while grits are a staple of any self-respecting Southern breakfast.

Lentils and Other Beans

Bean and lentils are little short of miraculous. Not only are they free of gluten, but they are also packed with protein and fibre. They keep you strong, and eating them often promotes regularity, which becomes more critical as you grow into older adulthood. They can be used in many savoury dishes, including soups, stews, and chilli.


Eggs do not contain gluten, and many of the dishes featuring them that you enjoy can likely be made gluten-free. Scrambles, frittatas, and omelets can be created with no gluten ingredients, and they’re useful for more than just breakfast dishes. Brunch and lunch with eggs will give you a protein-powered boost for the rest of the day.

Many people believe that in addition to cleaner living, being gluten-free enables a holistic existence. A diet that is free of gluten means less of the bad variety of cholesterol. You will have higher energy levels, and you’ll be free of processed foods and the chemical byproducts that go into their production. Your digestive health will also improve. You will be quick to feel the benefits of gluten-free living, and you won’t want to go back. Be sure that your fridge and pantry contain the staples we mentioned as you move toward this next phase of your life.