10 Banana Nutrition Facts That Will Convince You to Add It to Your Diet

by admin updated on Aug 2020

For many, bananas – AKA ‘Nanas’ – are their first solid food as a toddler. The beloved fruit is popular because it’s tasty, healthy, and can be eaten on-the-go. But many people may not know much about the multiple benefits found in banana nutrition. 

Bananas Are The Most Popular Fruit, With Good Reason

Over 100 million bananas are eaten annually. While most people prefer their bananas ripe, green bananas can be used for cooking or eaten in a pinch. Studies find there are health benefits to both ripe and unripe bananas.

One reason bananas are so popular is the fruit’s versatility. It can be peeled and eaten on its own, or sliced onto cereal. Bananas make a delicious addition to smoothies for a healthy morning boost. Bananas can also be packed to accompany lunch, or as an afternoon snack. 

10 Reasons to Add Bananas to Your Diet

No matter how you consume the fruit, you will be giving your body the nutrients found in the tiny food. Here are 10 nutrition benefits found in bananas. 

1. Bananas have over 100 calories and 3 grams of fiber. The American Heart Association recommends 25 to 30 grams of fiber daily. 

2. Your digestive system may be improved by eating bananas. The carbs found in bananas are easily digestible. However, unripe, green bananas contain a lot of resistant starch, which doesn’t break down easily.

3. The 30 grams of healthy carbs can help fuel your muscles. Those carbs mentioned above are the healthy kind that is broken down into energy. 

4. Bananas meet 15 percent of the recommended intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for your body’s tissue to repair itself. Bananas have a good portion of the recommended daily amount. 

5. All fruits have sugar, but bananas have a low amount on the glycemic index. There are good sugars and bad sugars. Bananas contain good sugar that can help keep blood levels stable. 

6. Fully ripened bananas have more nutrients. The longer a banana has to ferment, the more nutrients it will contain. That’s part of the reason why ripe bananas are a better choice. 

7. Bananas can improve your mood. Bananas contain tryptophan. The body converts it to serotonin, which is known to improve mood. 

8. Bananas contain vitamin B6, which improves sleep. Tryptophan also converts to vitamin B6, which helps you fall asleep. 

9. The potassium levels in bananas are high, improving heart health. Potassium plays a large role in the body’s function. It helps instruct your heart to pump, as well as assisting in movement and nerve function. 

10. Bananas can promote weight loss. Bananas are chock full of soluble fiber. In addition to helping digestion, the fiber can promote weight loss by tricking your body into feeling full. 

Add Bananas to Your Diet Today! 

Bananas are really a multi-talented fruit. Not only are they delicious, but your body can also amass many benefits from regularly consuming bananas. If you’re not a fan of the texture, you can blend the fruit into a smoothie or any number of other options.