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Clogged Pores: The Culprit Behind Skin Problems and Acne

Acne. It’s a problem that can afflict anyone at many different stages of life. Regardless of what stage you’re in, if you’re suffering with acne you’re likely doing whatever you can to keep it to a minimum or eliminate it forever. Creams, washes, toners, scrubs, strips, even prescription medications–no matter what combination of these and more that you’ve tried, it’s likely that the main culprit behind your skin problems and acne is clogged pores. So now what?  Let’s explore, because there are many factors that join forces with the clogged pores that create the imperfect storm playing out on your face.

Pore Size

Bigger is not always better. And when it comes to your pore size, bigger pores often mean more chances for more clogging to occur. Pores are those small openings in your skin that allow your glands to secrete oil and sweat. Whether it’s from dirt, oil, dead skin cells or other environmental stuff, clogged pores are one way to definitely get the acne ball rolling. Pores are very efficient at getting rid of the junk, but they also have an uncanny knack for attracting dirt and other microscopic gnarly stuff. 

Skin Type

Your skin type definitely plays a role in problem skin. There are four main types of skin and any of these types can be sensitive or hormonal and the pore size can vary:

  • Oily
  • Normal
  • Dry
  • Combination

Your type of skin can often be a dynamic thing. Just because you have oily skin in the summer doesn’t mean that it can’t be dry skin in the winter. Our bodies are always changing, and our skin is no different. When you’re dealing with problem skin, it helps to pay attention and give your skin what it needs in the moment and not what some article in a magazine characterized your skin as after you answered a few questions.


Here’s what you really came for, some solutions to your clogged pores and problem skin. Some solutions may seem overly simple and others may require a bit more effort and dedication. Keep in mind that your skin is as unique as your DNA and whatever you choose to do needs to follow that fact.

  • Make sure you drink enough water. No matter what your skin type, every living body has a need for water.
  • See a dermatologist. They can help guide you and help you create a unique to you solution.
  • Wash your face at least twice a day to keep your pores free from clogging debris.
  • Use a mask, scrub or peel once a week to dig deep and get whatever you regular cleanser may have missed.

Just because you have clogged pores and acne right now, rest assured you don’t have to keep it for the rest of your days. There are things you can do to get your skin on your side. And remember that stressing out over your skin isn’t doing much to help either. Take your time and figure out what works for you.

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